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Countertop Water Filter

These days it is a real-time struggle to find pure clean and safe drinking water no matter you are living in a developed country. The threat of unsafe drinking water is real. Environmental degradation, industrialization and population growth are all increasing the already existing threat of unsafe water. The need for water purifiers is increasing greatly. Water purifiers are famous for removing harmful pollutants and chemicals from the tap water and makes it better and disease free for human health. Home drinking water filtration systems are now readily use by households for this purpose. Both purifiers and filtration technologies are there to ensure water quality and human wellbeing.

What is a Water purification?

The water purifier is made to undergo the process of purification with the help of which the harmful chemicals, impurities, organic and inorganic compounds, contaminants and etc. are removed from the water. This process can be done via different methods like distillation, deionization. Undoubtedly, the purpose of all this is to purify the readily available water in the area and make it clean and healthy for human body. Water purifiers are used for various medical, pharmacological, industrial and/or chemical purposes. It makes water clean and portable. Water purifiers are of small scale as well as for large scale.

For this process filtered water dispensers, water filter machines and water filter systems are used/installed. There are numerous types of water filters that are specified for different contaminants/chemicals/viruses to be removed from water content.


What is a counter top Water Filter?

Countertop water filters are effective invention yet simple to use. They don’t require big investments and they are easy to move from one spot to another. They are great water filters for home. Mostly considered better for cooking, washing bathing purposes and less desired for drinking. But people do use it as drinking water filters as well

The counter top filters are made to work by replacing the aerator and diverter valve with filter accessories and it will be ready to generate good quality water. You will require to turn on the faucet for cold water so that water can pass through sink. This is how it will operate. Afterwards, you need to pull small knob present on the valve of diverter. This will basically divert the water from faucet in sink via small tubes located towards filter housing. There is a changeable filter cartridge inside the housing. Water goes through filter cartridge leaving the filter and entering your container from the spout. You can turn off your filter by turning off the cold water faucet that you turn on in the first place. Normal operation in your sink will be carried out as diverter valve will pop back into the place.

The countertop filter are pure water filters and are versatile. You can attach multiple units together and can shape it into double or even triple filter systems. New countertop units have changeable filter cartridges which were not there in previous designs. Countertop filters are famous and designed in a way so that they can provide good quality drinking water by removing harmful minerals, organic and inorganic compounds, viruses and chemicals etc. from the available tap water. This can be made possible with the help of replaceable carbon cartridge. But with the usage of specific cartridge, the effectiveness of countertop unit for removal of diverse contaminants could be reduced. For example removal of lead, cysts, heavy metals, nitrates, and some bacteria can be affected. Counter top alkaline water filters is another option available. With the addition of alkaline cartridge in the unit the water then filtered through it will aid your body to maintain the desired pH level. Also countertop reverse osmosis systems are capable of providing a lot better filtration as compared to usual countertop water filters. They can remove up to 99% of contaminants that can be present inside the water.

Pros of Counter Top Water Filters?

  1. Smaller installation- this type of filters don’t require huge installations rather they are easily installed by attaching the tube to the faucet in your kitchen. There are even a type of counter top water filters that require no installation and they are portable. E.g. gravity water filters.
  2. No need of extra tap- there are filters that need installation of extra tap. But this is not the case with countertop filters. The filter is accommodated in your existing sink.
  3. Easy to maintain- these are the easiest in maintaining kind of filters that are available in market. You only need to change the filter after a certain period of time.
  4. Low in price- these counter top filters are lower in prices and you can get the most inexpensive good quality water with this water filter.


Cons of Counter Top Water Filters?

  1. One point filtration- counter top filtration have only one tap filtration (on which they are installed). They don’t cater filtration for whole house.
  2. Aesthetic consideration- counter top filters are installed next to the sink in your kitchen that may be not likeable to most of the people. People may are more likely to prefer under the sunk kind of filters.
  3. Efficiency- as they are smaller is size they might not be as efficient as multi-stage filter system types. The contaminant removal capacity is also somewhat smaller.

As all things come with a good and bad side. So are these counter top filters. Like any other filter they won’t be able to remove every contaminant. But it is a great option to consider.



So basically why would you want to spend some additional money on purchasing bottled water when you can find healthy water from your own kitchen? Going after the best countertop water filter will guarantee this. The only thing that you should be worried about is that you buy the rights filter according to the needs. Home water filtration systems are convenient and now used tremendously because you need not to buy bottled water and you can have a better health and wellbeing.