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Drinking Water Filter

It is a proven fact that all the water that is supplied to the homes of people throughout eth developed as well as the third world countries there is a certain amount of chemicals, bacteria, viruses and heavy metal substances still left it the water. Each year the impurities found in the water are on the increase and the reason for it is the immature behavior of the society that ads such impurities to water. The society of today is literally responsible for adding hundreds of contaminants to water and many of these impurities successfully enter the already treated water that we use for bathing, cooking, drinking, washing and cleaning. Ro water purifier should be installed in places where there are heavy metal substances and chemicals in the water to purify it.

According to the studies done in developed countries the ground water may contain industrial chemicals as well as pesticides as both these things are freely used for industrial and agricultural purposes. The environmental situation of the world tells that if you find only a few chemicals or pesticides in your tap water you belong to the community of lucky people as by and large the number of pollutants in filtered water is a lot more than just ten or twenty. On one side majority of people know about the harmful effects of chlorine on human health and wellness but one the other hand there are people who are not aware at all about the presence of a dangerous chemical known as Trihalomethane of THM in your drinking water. According to experts it may prove more dangerous than chlorine and measures should be taken to get rid of it on emergency basis in the areas where it is found in abundance. Inline water filters for home or countertop water filters are effective in removal of a number of impurities from water.

Some Facts About Trihalomethane (THM)

Trihalomethane is created when a disinfectant, like chlorine that is mostly used for disinfection of water comes in contact with organic contaminants and bacteria. The organic substances that aid in creation of THM include the hair follicles, sweat, and even skin particles. When chlorine comes in contact with such substances the reaction creates Trihalomethane which is a strong carcinogenic danger that comes to your houses through shower heads and sinks. Installation of effective and affordable water filter system can control this threat to some extent. One common example of the presence and strength of trihalomethance is the chloroform that is used to make people unconscious. The consumption of this dangerous toxin material may lead to skin problems like asthma and cancer.  According to some studies done on effects of trihalomethane on healthy women as compared to women with breast cancer the breast cancer patients that have been exposed to this dangerous enemy of trihalomethane, had higher level of the chlorinated compounds of Trihalomethane in their tissues as compared to the healthy women.


The First Solution, Water Filtration

We are living in an era where the advancement in technology has made it possible for the water filters to remove most of the impurities from water and this proves to be quite beneficial in removing the Trihalomethane or TMH from the water. In the developed countries granular activated carbon water filters are the best available water filters for home, as it does not only help you get rid of TMH it also plays a significant role in removal of synthetic chemicals and volatile organic chemicals.

Some of the best water filter system that are found effective in removal of TMH from tap water is the reverse osmosis system , inline water filters for home and even home water filtration system.

What Type Of Water Filtration System To Use?

To get rid of contamination such as THM you either need to install a water filter for home or an equally effective other system like reverse osmoses system or any other water purifier with the ability to work properly. Most of the water filter for home machines, work effectively in removing the impurities from water but the RO water purifier price and that of many other whole house water filters is too high for a common man. There are many people who find the inline water filters for home as effective as the whole house water filters but the other do not want to try them. While a tap water filter can prevent you from the attack of diseases spread due to high amount of THM present in the tap water the shower heads if remained untreated may produce a higher risk. When you take hot showers the skin pores open up and become more susceptible of catching the viruses and bacteria as well as the THM present in the shower water. One fact that is too alarming is the higher risk of inhalation of more harmful steam as the THM is more concentrated form in hot showers than in simple tap water. In such situation inline water filters for home might play a positive role in removal of impurities from water.

A number of people who have knowledge about the harmful effects of THM want to install the best water filter available in the market and get rid of this toxic substance as soon as they can. There is no company that has made a filter that works only for the removal of THM so you have to select one of the most effective water filter system that has the ability to serve your needs. One of the best water filters that can definitely lower down the risk of contaminated water is the multi- stage water filters that thoroughly clean the water of all toxins. According to the personal experience of a number of water filter users the filters that support KDF and carbon media both at a time are the best water filters for removal of pollutants.

If you are one of those health conscious people who stay worried about the quality of water being used in the kitchen and you stay worried even after having installed a water filter for home, then you should take a step further and buy a filtered water dispenser or an inline water filters for home that can be installed under the counter and does not cover much of a space but provides you the purest form of water.