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If you want to live a healthy life that has the minimum health issues and you want to raise your family the same way, you have to make sure that the water that is used in your house is pure enough to be used for cooking as well as drinking. In order to have pure drinking water you will definitely have to buy a water filter for home only then you can get a filtered water dispenser installed.

Being able to make the right choice in purchase of water filter for home is quite a tricky task to get accomplished. The reason for it is the variety of water filters being introduced in the market every other day and the claims that each company makes regarding the smart features of the drinking water filter developed by them. There are certain types of water filters that require expertise to install and need much more maintenance than others like the activated carbon water filter or the RO water purifier installed for water purification. The water purified through these filters is best to be used for filtered water dispensers that you see in homes and offices.

Tips To Decide For Best Home Water Filtration System

The following is a guideline that will help you in making the right decision about buying a water filter for home. Selection of the right type of water filter for home depends upon your personal need for pure water. We have gathered some advice right form the experts of the field who know about the efficacy and pros and cons of all types of home water filtration systems. Just by thinking over the points we are going to discuss in our tips you will be able to make the right choice of water purifier.

The Types Of Water Purifiers Available In The Market

Water that was once considered the cheapest necessity of life has now become one of the most expensive necessities that are in use 24/7. The reason for this is the need of water purification as the water that was once crystal clear and refreshing has now become contaminated with a number of pollutants. In most of the developed countries the people are either getting water filter machine installed or they have to buy the expensive bottled water for drinking purposes. If you have a drinking water filter installed you can fill the bottles for your filtered water dispenser.

When you have decided to buy a countertop water filter or an RO water purifier for your home you should ask yourself some questions like, What types of water filters actually exist? How does each type of water filter work? What are the different processes used in different water purifiers?

According to water filtration experts there are several different methods of home water filtration system, the physical processes include sedimentation, filtration, distillation of water and the biological processes can be seen in activated carbon water filter, chlorination and flocculation, electromagnetic radiation like ultra violet rays are also used to destroy the contaminants present in the water. Some of the countertop water filters if not  RO purifier use physical water filter system and the others use biological methods for drinking water filter system. No matter what type of filtration system is used the main goal is to get pure drinking water that could be used for filtered water dispensers.

Working Of Activated Charcoal Water Filter

The activated carbon water filters have been a carbon cartridge that is treated with oxygen, the oxygen treatment opens millions of minute holes in the carbon that have the property to let only the clean water pass through them and stop every contaminant that is bigger the size of those pores. The carbon pieces have the ability to suck all the pollutants from gases as well as liquids and so, are considered one of the best water filters for home. The methods of filtration that use activated charcoal or activated carbon are very commonly used for filtration both at domestic and commercial level. In fact activated carbon is used in a number of other water filtration systems. The water that is filtered with activated carbon water filters is better in taste and smell as compared to the water filtered with reverse osmoses system or alkaline water filter. The companies that sell spring water or bottled drinking water use the activated charcoal water filters to make the taste and smell of the water better.


What Are The Different Types Of Water Filters?

The following are some of the water purifier systems or in other words water filters that are used both on domestic and commercial level.

Activated Carbon Water Filters

One of the best water filters that every person wants to install is the Activated carbon filter that is recognized by some people with other names like sediment filters, pre-filters or carbon filters. These filters are made by using a special piece of carbon that is already treated with oxygen. It has millions of pores in it that stop the contaminants like heavy metal substances from entering the clean water. They successfully removes silt and sediments from the impure water making it pure and ready to drink.

RO Water Filters

Ro is the short form of reverse osmosis that is a process used for filtering the contaminated water that is supplied to homes. It is considered as one of the most effective type of water filters for home that has the ability to remove more than 90% of the contaminants from tap water by removing most of the bacteria, virus heavy metal by-products and other pollutants too. In this particular filter system semi permeable membranes are used for filtration. There is one problem with this type of water filtration and that is it needs heavy pressure of water and secondly it does not only remove harmful products but also the essential minerals from the water.

Alkaline Water Ionizer

To remove the slat from alkaline water you need alkaline water filter in which the process of electrolysis is used in which the water is passed through the electrically charged plates to divide into two streams of filtered water, one being alkaline and the second acidic.

UV Filters

As the name of the filters tell you it is the type of filter in which ultra violet rays are used to kill the contaminants from the water to make it pure enough to drink. When the ultra violet rays pass through the water for a specific period of time all the contaminants of water die.

The water filter system that you choose should be efficient enough in removal of pollutants, it should be affordable and easy to maintain.