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Water is life and there are many uses of water in the lives of human beings as well as animals, but the animals by nature are born tough and can survive in the circumstances that are very hard to survive for humans. More than half of the world earth is water and we still don’t have it in the purest form and need to do a lot of things to get pure drinking water. One major step, after taking which you can easily get clean and pure drinking water is the installation of water purifier or water filtration system to be precise.

No one can ever deny the fact that the clean drinking water is the top most basic necessity for all human beings. When it is about the human health and the steps you could take to maintain good health installation of water purifier is the foremost. There are many options available on the market about water filter system and one is free to select the one that meets his requirements. The water purifiers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and makes, and prices and people select the one that suits their needs and is within their budget.

Pure Water Not Only For Drinking

The human body is the most precious creation of God and so is very sensitive to a whole lot of things. The contaminated water greatly effects the human health and it is the biggest reason why millions people are turning towards installation of home water filtration system that filters the water for their use. The following are some of the main effects of impure water on human health and the ways it can be avoided.

Effects Of Impure Water On Human Skin

The water being supplied to the public in many countries is so much contaminated that even after getting treated at public facility it is not purified properly. Sometimes it does get purified but on its way from the facility to the houses it again gets contaminated due to the fungus or rust developed in the pipeline. So, getting a water filter for home installed in your house is a must. The contaminated water has severe effects on human skin too. According to the latest studies bathing in chlorinated water has a lot of bad effects on human skin. Many people experience deep red colored rashes and the people with sensitive skin lose all their natural skin oils and their skin gets dry and flaky. Installation of charcoal water filter may help in making the water pure and clean.

Effect Of Impure Water On Respiratory Health

When you take bath in winter the water vaporizes and when you breathe it enters your respiratory system and reaches your lungs. Chlorine affects your lung health in a negative manner and you start having breathing issues due to inhalation of excessive chlorine. In such condition you should think of getting a water filter machine installed so that you could get rid of as much chlorine as possible.

Effects of impure water on overall health of the people

As far as the latest studies about the negative effects of impure water used in shower are concerned there are many serious issues that over use of chlorine can have on human health. The studies done by medical health experts show that though chlorine kills more than 90% of contaminants including viruses and bacteria, sometimes it overkills and makes the water free of essential minerals too. The water supplied to the public is treated at public filters but it does not get pure and contains heavy amount of chlorine in it that causes cancer of liver, stomach, bladder, colon and rectum, and it can even damage your heart and become a reason for heart disease.

How To Avoid Negative Effects Of Impure Water On Health?

Breathing is a sign of life but breathing with problem is a sign of lung problem. As chlorine is the vastly used water disinfectant there is no doubt of its presence even in the water that is treated at the water treatment system. If home water filtration system is not affordable for you and you plan to install different type of filters according to the requirements you should opt for shower water filters for your bathroom showers and tap water filters for your taps so that no matter if you take a bath in a bathtub or you take a quick shower the water that you use is properly filtered and free of chlorine and all other contaminants.

Choose The Best Water Filter

The most important thing that can help you and your family stay healthy and protected from a  number of health issues is the installation of either an RO water purifier or a home water filtration system. it is a fact that “prevention is better than cure”, and we all know that chorine as a disinfectant is vastly accepted throughout the globe and its presence even in the treated water is a must. Though it kills pathogens very effectively if it is consumed by humans on daily basis it can kill them too. According to a study done about breast cancer in America the women with breast cancer had 50-60% more chlorine by-products in their breast tissues than the healthy women who drink pure water.

If you are feeling double minded about the choice of filtered water dispenser or the water filter system that is affordable yet effective ,stop the process  of thinking and go for countertop water filters as they are known for their efficacy in making the water more than 90% pure. It is much easier to install as compared to three stage water filters or the Reverse osmosis water filters. This type of water filter is easy to use and easy to maintain.

If the water supply coming to your home is treated well and you think that you need only the drinking water filter you can have a tap water filter installed and provide your family with safe drinking water. If you need pure water for other house hold tasks too then you should go for home water filtration system that plays the role of all in one water filter.