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There are many different types of inline water filters for home that are used on domestic level, but, one of the most popular and commonly seen type of water filter for home is the tap water filter. It is a common knowledge that each type of home drinking water filtration machine has some benefits and some disadvantages as well. Before you make your final decision about buying a particular type of water filter system you should now about the pros and cons of each one of the. The following are some or the pros and cons attached with tap water filter.

It’s A Space Saver

One of the most liked features of this type of home water filtration system is the space that is saved by its installation as it is directly attached to tap wherever it is required. Most of the houses in America and Europe are too small to install huge sized water filters so they prefer using the tap water filters to save their space. One more reason for the popularity of tap water filter is its price, it is available in variety of colors and capacity and the people who do not afford the activated carbon filters or the alkaline water filters. The tap water filters are the most commonly used filters in average households.

Easy to Install

Minimal plumbing skills are required to install this easy to install water filter. This particular type of water filter for home comes with easy to follow instruction manual and some of the manufacturers of this type of filters have provided DIY instruction manual so that you could install it yourself.

Pocket Friendly

Tap water filters are known for their low buying price and affordable maintenance.

Vast Variety

The tap water filters are the most affordable water filters that come in a variety of makes, designs and colors, even the contaminants that they remove do not match with other. It ranges from simple to advanced models that are upto you to decide. Some of the advanced models of this water filter provide more protection against all types of contaminants including heavy metals and fluoride.

Easy To Maintain

One more thing that the users like about this type of water filter, is the easy to maintain and easily available parts that are needed for its maintenance, even its replacement is affordable for all.

Disadvantages of tap water filters

There are only a few disadvantage of tap water filter. The following are the most important of them all.

The Water Supply at One Spot

For most of the tap water filters there is one thing in common and that is the water supply that is limited only to the sink faucets. One more negative point to the tap water filter is that it requires more frequent maintenance as compare to other types of water filters like charcoal water filter or inline water filters for home.

Tap Water Filters for Home

There are a number of people out there who live below the poverty line but even the ones that belong to middle class do not have enough resources to invest on water filtration system. So, they find it easier to buy and install tap water filters with every tap in the house to make sure that they use pure water from bathing to cooking, and from drinking to cleaning.

One more positive thing about the tap water filter is that most of the models and makes do not require you to hold a diploma in plumbing and installing it is much easier than the others.

Everything being sold in the market has pros and cons of its own and the following are the advantages and disadvantages of tap water filter for home.

Advantages of tap Water Filters

It is a fact that most of the water that reaches the public through their taps is treated at public facilities and the disinfectant that is commonly used across the globe is chlorine which is responsible in spoiling the taste and smell of the water. The tap water filters are an effective and affordable solution to this as it makes the taste and smell of water far better than it is without any filter. If you have a tap water filtered installed in your kitchen you can easily fill your filtered water dispenser for your drinking use.


Tap water filters are known to be a pocket friendly type of filter, and according to some studies it is probably the most economical water filter available. No matter if you need a water filter for a sink or a shower, the best water filter is the tap water filter available without any compromise on the efficiency. It works as good as any other water filter.

Easy Replacement

Most of the tap water filters come with quick-connect fittings or push fittings that makes the replacement process quite easy and smooth. The tap water filters come with a mark that indicates the flow of water and the filter is replaced accordingly.


Tap water filters are also known for their durability as their minimum life is 6 months and after that the replacement of water filter is necessary. The companies using latest technology have manufactured such water filters that last for 12 months.

Best for low-pressure environment

The tap water filters do not have special water pressure needs like water filter for sink.

Disadvantages of tap Water Filters

Full Replacement Is Needed After End of Service Life

Though tap water filters are much reliable but there is one drawback to this type of water filter and that is its full replacement. It does not contain the convenience of replacement of water filter cartridges and the whole filter has to be changed. The low price of tap water filters makes it easy to change after every 6 months. The annual expenditure of tap water filters replacement is much less than the expenses incurred for maintenance of other types of water filters like home water filtration system or alkaline water filters.