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Water Treatment System

Having the purest form of water for all your needs is the necessity about which each and every person should show concern. According to the experts clean and pure water should be used not only for drinking but for other household chores too. If you leave your commode with water standing in its bowl that is contaminated with different chemicals it might emit gases that spoil the indoor environment of your house without you having noticed it. So, the pure and clean water is not only needed for drinking but for cleaning purposes too. We are providing you with a brief introduction to some of the variety of water filtration systems available on the market.

Alkaline Water Filters

Though use of alkaline water is mostly considered a safe practice but when it is about the water supply that we get after being treated at the public facility we should be extra careful. To be on safer side we should not consider the tap water fit for drinking, so, we should try to get an alkaline water filter installed so that we could get the best drinking water filter and may freely use our tap water for drinking.

Counter Top Water Filters

These are the water filters that you must have noticed installed in the kitchens beside the tap. A few years back these were the only counter top water filtration systems but with advancement in technology now we have a wide range of countertop water filter systems. One more type of countertop water filters is the pitcher filters. According to experts the pitcher filters are the cheapest and easiest way to get the slightly impure water filtered for drinking and cooking purposes but they are not suitable for water that is too contaminated. The pitchers remove some of the sediments and bacteria but it does not have the ability to remove all types of toxins.

Whole House Water Filtration System

If you think that the water that is supplied to your home is not good enough for drinking, cooking and even cleaning then the best water filter system that you should get installed is the whole house water filtration system. It is one of the most expensive types of filtration system as it is usually installed with the main pipe that brings the water supply inside your house so that no matter what place you use it the water that comes out of the taps is the purified water.

Water Filter For Sink

Though there is a variety of water filters for home available in the market one of the best water filter for home is the one that is usually installed under the sink. The under counter water filters are one of the best option for the home. The reason for these being the best type of water filter for home is the ability of these to remove almost all types of contaminations from the water and leave it in its purest form. These filters have five stage filtration processes and filters fluoride, radioactive waste, and a number of other substances including endocrine disruptors, fluoride, chlorine as well as chloramines, BPA, BPS, herbicides, pesticides, hexavalent chromium, parasites, heavy metals, pathogens, and microbes. It even removes the bacteria which is disease borne. Under-counter multi-stage filters are installed under the kitchen sinks and even the bathroom sinks. According to the experts this is the best type of water filter that makes the water pure for any type of use including drinking. In fact the water filtered by this filter is better than the bottled water that most of the people buy for drinking. Like most of the multi-stage water filters for home the under the counter water filter  adds minerals that are lost during the filtration process back to the water and make it good enough to drink with ample amount of minerals that are good for human health. You can easily use this water in filtered water dispensers that are installed in homes and offices for the convenience of hot and cold drinking water.

Ro Water Purifier

RO water purifier is just another name for Reverse Osmosis system. In almost all the reverse osmosis system of filtration that are installed for household use two types of membranes are used one is known as TFC or Thin Film Composite and the other is known as CTA or Cellulose Triacetate Membrane and the thing that makes them different form one another is its ability to remove toxins and capacity to tolerate chlorine.

Among the variety of water purifiers each filter system is different form the other and the main difference that is observed is the capacity of each water system to remove the toxins. Where a filtration system is known to be effective in removing acids it is not found effective enough in removing radioactive wastes and bacteria. Same is the case with reverse osmosis water filtration system as it is very effective in removing lead, asbestos, radium, dissolved organics and many other heavy metals but it removes the essential minerals and electrolytes from the water that affects the quality of water in a negative way. There are a number of reverse osmosis water system purifiers available in the market and most of them are built with plastic. During filtration process when the acids flow through the plastic bodies of the filters they leech and may produce more impurities within water. This fact makes the reverse osmosis water filtration system not suitable for household use.

Expert Advice About All Types Of Water Filters

After comparing the pros and cons of different types of water filter system used for household needs the experts have derived a conclusion so that all the people who want to buy a home water filtration system for their home could make the right decision in buying it. According to the conclusion derived by the experts the Multi-stage filters are the best water filtration systems that you can have as they remove most of the harmful substances while retaining the good smell and taste of water and all that is done without removing the essential minerals from your water.